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The Story

An innocent video becomes documentation of tragedy as a married couple — Kevin and Vickie — approach the anniversary of their son’s suicide. Looking forward to the prospect of their 25th wedding anniversary, Vickie asks Kevin to participate in creating a video of their daily life to present to their grown children. At first all seems to go well, but Kevin struggles with the suicide of their youngest son and is haunted by the memory. He begins to change, becoming irrational and moody. Vickie starts to see things that can’t possibly be real and feels isolated as Kevin withdraws more and more. The growing tension between the couple escalates as Kevin becomes more violent and inconsistent in his moods, and Vickie becomes frightened when she begins to suspect that they are not alone. Something has come into their home uninvited.

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"It's a really cool film. I really enjoyed this one."

-Scott Geiter,

"If you like psychological thrillers, it's worth a look."

"...a familiar story in a frightening new manner."

"I was glued to the screen from the beginning to end. This is a must watch."

"Extremely creepy and awkward moments between the characters made for an uneasy "cover your eyes" film."

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